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Marketing Strategy & Organization - Rudy K. Moenaert

DATUM VAN PUBLICATIE: september 2010
ISBN: 9789020987843
AUTEUR: Rudy K. Moenaert

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Enhance the competitive strength of your organisationTraditional textbooks on (strategic) marketing limit themselves to a theoretical exposé on how to operate an organization in an imaginary competition. The present text provides a way of thinking and a method with which organizations truly can enhance their competitive strength, and make it sustainable. The book discusses five questions in the strategic domains that cause managers and leaders to lie awake at night: 1. Do we have an adequate understanding of our external and internal environments? How do we compete today? 2. What is our strategic ambition? 3. Where and how should we compete in the future? How do we optimally evaluate our strategic options? 4. How do we get to where we want to be in the future? How can we successfully implement our marketing plans? 5. What will be the return on our strategy in the future? For our customers, our shareholders, our employees, and other stakeholders? We will happily wake them up for the answers to these questions. In particular, there are two groups of readers who can learn to excel in their markets. In the first place, the manager or student receives handles to recognize strategic marketing issues and how to find adequate solutions for these. Second, readers who teach at or advise in common or corporate universities receive an innovative and clear framework with many exercises.

...ctions your business undertakes must contribute to its goals ... How to Prepare a Marketing Audit to Shape Your Marketing ... ... . That means your organization will have several functional strategies that all contribute to a defined result. These would include: Financial strategies; Marketing strategies; Sales ... Marketing strategies serve as the fundamental underpinning of marketing plans designed to fill market needs and reach marketing objectives. Plans and objectives are generally tested for measurable results. A marketing strategy often integrates an organization's ma ... Marketing strategy - Wikipedia ... . A marketing strategy often integrates an organization's marketing goals, policies, and action sequences (tactics) into a cohesive whole. Marketing Strategy Examples: Deciding Which Types of Marketing are Best for Your Business. Now that you know what a digital marketing strategy is and how having a defined strategy can help you achieve your business goals, let's talk about how you can implement this strategy. Marketing can take a lot of time and resources, so your company will need to build a marketing plan around your company's goals to ensure your investment does not go to waste. Knowing how to conceptualize goals, objectives, and KPIs is vital to beginning to set a marketing strategy for your business. At its core, your content marketing strategy is your "why." Why you are creating content, who you are helping, and how you will help them in a way no one else can. Organizations typically use content marketing to build an audience and to achieve at least one of these profitable results ... Building a strong marketing strategy lies at the foundation of any prospering, competitive business. As terms can sometimes get mixed up, let's firstly clarify what a marketing strategy is. It refers to an organization's overall game plan for attracting customers by communicating the benefits of their business and key differentiators. Your marketing strategy could be developed for the next few years, while your marketing plan usually describes tactics to be achieved in the current year. Write a successful marketing strategy Your well-developed marketing strategy will help you realise your business's goals and build a strong reputation for your products. Develop a marketing plan so that you can be guided on how you will implement the marketing strategies that you have in mind. Always update your marketing strategies as market activities can be affected by trends and other factors. Through the help of the content of this post, properly identify the marketing strategy which you think you can be ... Thankfully, there are marketing strategies nonprofit organizations can implement to make the most of their pennies. This article shares tools to develop a marketing strategy, engage with your audience, and hopefully, find new supporters and donors along the way! Take Advantage of Nonprofit Programs and Content Marketing Resources marketing strategy: An organization's strategy that combines all of its marketing goals into one comprehensive plan. A good marketing strategy should be drawn from market research and focus on the right product mix in order to achieve the maximum profit potential and sustain the business. The marketing strategy is the foundation of a marketing ... The Role of Strategic Marketing in an Organisation. Over the past few years, strategic marketing has becoming increasingly popular within organisations. Yet, as some confusion still exists with regards to what exactly strategic marketing is and the role it plays in organisations, this blog will explain all you need to know. organizational strategy: An expression of how an organization needs to evolve over time to meet its objectives along with a detailed assessment of what needs to be done. Developing an organizational strategy for a business involves first comparing its present state to its targeted state to define differences, and then stating what is required ... Much of the success of any business is riding on its marketing strategy. It may have abundant resources, with a management team composed of brilliant and innovative minds, and teams of hardworking employees diligently and passionately performing their tasks. However, the business will never be able to grow, and succeed in achieving its organizational goals if it does not have a marketing ... As with any project, having a game plan for your nonprofit's marketing allows you to strategically work toward achieving key goals. Creating your first nonprofi...