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Effects of modular sourcing on manufacturing flexibility in the automotive industry - P. Miltenburg

ISBN: 9789058920522
AUTEUR: P. Miltenburg

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...ings, reduced sub-assembly and main line assembly in-house ... Outsourcing in the Automotive Industry - UK Essays ... . Manufacturers throughout the world are facing major new challenges, including shorter product life cycles and increasing competition. As companies strive to rationalize engineering design, manufacturing, and support processes and to produce a large variety of products at lower costs, modularity is becoming a focus. This paper reviews the methodologies for determining modular manufacturing ... automotive and supply industry based on flexibility an ... Effects of modular sourcing on manufacturing flexibility ... ... ... automotive and supply industry based on flexibility and agility principles. This factor is known as a competitive advantage in global automotive benchmark. The example of application build-to-order supply management is presented in condition of automotive plant with directly customers purchase impulses. At the close part of As part of my process intensification work for Manufacturing USA's RAPID Institute, I came across "Small Modular Infrastructure" by Dahlgren et al. (The Engineering Economist) that highlights the shift in project analysis that makes small modular manufacturing the heir apparent for chemical manufacturing.This post summarizes the 5 key advantages of modular manufacturing noted in this ... Michigan Automotive Partnership Research Memorandum No. 1 The Future of Modular Automotive Systems: Where are the Economic Efficiencies in the Modular-Assembly Concept? by Sean P. McAlinden, Brett C. Smith, Bernard F. Swiecki Office for the Study of Automotive Transportation University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute November 1999 FACTORS THAT CONTRIBUTE TO THE USE OF MODULARISATION IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY: A SURVEY IN BRAZIL M.A. Sellitto1*, F.L. Nunes2 & D.R.F. Valadares3 ARTICLE INFO Article details This article aims to verify factors that can contribute to the use of Submitted by authors 16 Mar 2018 Accepted for publication 11 Sep 2018 Available online 10 Dec 2018 Supply Chain Management in the Automotive Industry In this paper, we discuss why industrial computing plays a major role throughout the entire automotive supply chain, from allocation and storage of raw materials and components to production and delivery to timely spare parts procurement. For biologics manufacturing, NNE Pharmaplan refers to this approach as the "bio-on-demand" standard. 1 Such flexible facilities allow production of different product volumes to meet the needs for both clinical and commercial manufacturing and to rapidly respond to changes in expected market demand (a recent survey of 50 pharmaceutical industry leaders conducted by ORC International, and ... Effects of Demand, Manufacturing Flexibility, Cost and Supply Chain on Product Modularity: A Study in Malaysia Noor Raihani Binti Zainol1, Abdullah Al-Mamun 1 & P. Yukthamarani Permarupan 1 Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Malaysia The Complementary Effect of Manufacturing Process Modularity and IS Flexibility on Agility in Manufacturing Shuai-fu Lin Florida State University [email protected] Ashley A. Bush Florida State University [email protected] ABSTRACT In the situation of shortened product life cycles, modular product design enables organizations to adapt to unanticipated Recent emphasis on global climate change is increasing pressure on automotive exec-utives to make the right decisions in many areas, including R&D and manufacturing. In fact, emission-level targets, currently in question, threaten to alter the entire structure of the auto industry. Our paper focuses on how foreign automobile manufacturers in Brazil have implemented and benefited from strategic modularization. Based on our case studies and in-depth interviews, we developed a theoretical framework to examine the antecedents and outcomes of strategic modularization. Our theoretical framework suggests that strategic modularization may help improve a firm's positional ... The UK automotive industry has transformed itself in the last decade from a sector with turbulent labour relations and a poor reputation for quality and productivity to one that is fully competitive. Independent external reliability surveys put UK built cars at the top of the rankings, and productivity and labour relations are among the best in the world. A flexible manufacturing system (FMS) can improve efficiency and thus lower a company's production cost.Flexible manufacturing also can be a key component of a make-to-order strategy that allows ... This paper analyses the key factors for the adoption of the new automobile modular platforms through an eclectic perspective linking the product architecture with the manufacturing network approach. An exploratory analysis of the European production networks of seven automobile manufacturers shows that the benefits of the modular platforms' adoption depend on two factors: the degree of ... modular sourcing cohere to busines...